About Us (Our Mission)

'Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves'- Proverbs 31:8

We are all here for a reason. Every life, in any place of the world, in any stage of development, is  beautiful and worth it. Yet we live in a society largely based on the kingdom of self, doing things that make us happy, rarely taking in the need of the world around us. 

Speaking for the Silent was begun after a couple of teens across the country witnessed that need in areas of the world ranging from Peru to Ukraine to China on various Mission Trips, and knew that if they were really going to be the hands and feet of Christ, they had to do what He did so often, caring for the poor and destitute, as well as gathering and healing children. 

Our Mission today is nothing else than to spread the word about Orphans and the beautiful, exhausting, rewarding, hard, but always amazing path that following that call will lead you down. It may not be the easiest path or the one most trodden, but we hope to inspire many around us to raise the shout with us and SPEAK FOR THE SILENT!