Who's the Team?

The Guy with the Ideas (and the big Camera)

Caleb- Hi everyone! I'm Caleb, Founder/Creator/Administrator for Speaking for the Silent. Orphan Ministry has been a part of my life for as long as  I can remember. From the time when I was little, my parents sponsored kids through World Vision, so from an early age I knew in some sense the plight of an Orphan's situation. That amped up a little when we adopted from Guatemala, but I really began to find my passion when we adopted from Ethiopia in 2009. As a web-enabled 13 year old, I started reading blogs and watching videos. When My family found Reece's Rainbow and we started our third adoption a couple months later, I had the privilege  of going on the second trip to pick up my little sister Julia, who has Down Syndrome. Visiting the orphanage bore fruit from that seed that  had been sitting inside me waiting to blossom. I hope to do more mission trips to Ukraine, as well as Louiyang, China, to Maria's Big House of Hope. You can also find me at

The little kid with a big heart for orphans
Josh- Hello I'm Josh! As shown by my picture I love reading. I also like acting and playing piano. Now to my story with Reece's Rainbow.  At first when my mom showed me Reece's Rainbow I was touched, amazed, and scared. Touched, because of how stinkin' cute they all were and how because of what my mom told me happens to most of them. Amazed, because of how MANY, MANY MANY there were. And finally scared. Scared because I knew that because of how young I am that I could not do anything. Then, a couple months later the one sentence said by my dad was, "Kids, we feel called to adopt through Recces Rainbow." Ever since then I have followed many kids on Reece's Rainbow and when my brother Caleb said he was making an advocacy blog I said, "That is the place for me." So here I am. On this blog. Speaking for the ones who can't speak for themselves. You can find me at www.joshadoption.blogspot.com

 Miss Missionary Orphan Warrior

 Tori- Tori is a 17 year old teenager with a gigantic heart for Orphans. Tori has had the privilege of experiencing the miracle of adoption in her family twice, soon to be three times, and she is greatly involved in the orphan ministry in her hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. Her heart was opened wide to Orphan Ministry in Summer of 2010 when she went on a Mission Trip to Comas, Peru, and became active with youth events at Show Hope after coming home with mentor Chris Wheeler. She  has been on two mission trips already this year and is set to go to Peru once more in July. She is a shining example of speaking for the Silent. Speaking of Shining, you can check out her main writing gig at www.shiningcityteens.blogspot.com