Our Orphan Loves

These are the precious children we are praying for. They come from all corners of the world, and we love them so much. If you feel compelled to donate to their adoption grants, go to the "Donate!" Page and go below the heading "Orphans in need of a home"

Most at Risk Children- these are children who are in desperate need of families, as they face abrupt transfer to Adult Mental Institutes or poor conditions in their baby houses where they CANNOT SURVIVE. PLEASE HELP THEM FIND HOMES SOON, whether it be through prayer or adoption itself.

Sarah: Sarah is a little girl in need of hope. She is in an Orphanage in Bulgaria that, while slowly beginning the road to healing through the aid of missionary groups, leaves many children in poor condition day in, day it. Sarah is one of those children. Recent pictures of her show her deeply sad on a regular basis. as I read Sarah's bio ( you can read it below) I (Caleb) was personally struck by Sarah's love of Musical toys one of my sister Julia's favorite things. Julia makes music in our house and our hearts all the time. Who will let Sarah make music in their home? Significant delays are hard. But no hope and minor amounts of affection are harder.

From Reece's Rainbow: DOB: 2006
Diagnosis: Congenital cataract (blind), Cerebral Palsy, Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Sarah has Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which resulted in a regression in gross motor skills. She has slowly recovered from this and is now only affected in the ankles.  She is significantly delayed in all aspects of her development.  She can sit up unassisted, pull up to a crouched position and pick up toys to play with them. She prefers musical toys.

Keegan: Oh sweet Keegan- at only one year old, you do NOT deserve to be transferred to a Mental Institute. Alas, your baby house has to close down, and that's they're only option. At such a young age, it is doubtful this little guy would survive long if conditions are poor in the new place he will be transferred to are poor. SAVE HIM!

From Reece's Rainbow:

Boy, Born January 2011
Brand new baby boy!  It's not often we get to list one so young!   Isn't he a little doll!?
He has Down syndrome and a heart defect – a defect of the chamber divider, but surgery is not recommended.  He also has issues with his eyes crossing.

Children in "Better Conditions"- These are children in slightly more stable conditions, for now at least.  They are at a slightly lower risk, but still need families!

Ilya P: Ilya P. "Our" Lil' Il. He and Russel (right below Ilya) are our two "Full-Blast" Campaign babies until they are Orphans No More!

From Reece's Rainbow
Date of Birth: July 2006
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Dark
Character: sociable
One might think this is actually a baby picture of REECE (I, Caleb, can vouch for this claim)!  But it's not…this is Ilya and he needs a family!

Russell: Russel. Russ. Our other little buddy. Russ is still pretty tiny (he'll be 3 this July!) and needs a family to celebrate his 3rd Birthday with! 

From Reece's Rainbow: 
Boy, born July 2009
Eyes Grey
Hair dark brown
Nature calm
Down syndrome

Caleb- From Reeces Rainbow: From a missionary who visited with him in August 2010:  “  Caleb is extroverted, active and restless. He has a ready smile, enjoys playing with other children. He loves listening to music, watching cartoons. He is energetic and likes being outdoors!”    More photos available, along with full social history and medical records

Carmensita- Tori's little Peruvian Princess/sister!
Carmenstia has a neurological problem in both eyes,
and a deformed left leg. While she cannot be adopted, prayers for her are still appreciated.