Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Two Little Buddies

As Speaking for the Silent has developed over the last year and a half, we have advocated for children in many different ways: child of the week, children from different countries or orphanages, etc. Our most recent method of operation, however, was putting two or three of the children we felt most drawn to and putting them into a collage we shared on an almost post-by-post basis. Our most recent collage was our three musketeers, Brigita, Lilianna/Lyla and Ilya P.

I am extremely happy to say both Brigita and Lyla/Lilianna have families, both of whom I know. Brigita's mom Dee has been fund raising and working to bring her home for the past couple months, and Lyla's story....well, that's a post soon to come ;)

But that still leaves our little dude. Ilya P. Mr. McCutesy. Little guy's still hanging around on the waiting lists for a family, and we are praying that this changes soon, because it MUST.

But in the name of camaraderie and trying to pray for/advocate for more than one little guy at the same time, we've given little Illya a buddy: meet Russell!

Ain't he just adorable? Look at those CHEEKS! anyway, Ilya and Russ are a couple years apart, with Ilya in '06 (6 yrs old) and Russ a teeny 2 1/2! The picture of Ilya is probably pretty outdated. God knows where he is or what physical/emotional/developmental state he's in at this point. As for Russ, and updated picture shows him as looking pretty good-

Regardless, both of these little guys need homes. They need families. They need love. Ilya's already lost 6 years of it. Russel is still so small and hasn't had to feel that heartache, that loneliness yet.

Thus, these are our two little buddies. Until they are both in the arms of their Forever Fams, they're going to get the 5-star advocating treatment. Mentioned in every post, here, Facebook, and elsewhere. We might even dip our toes in the fundraising water and try to do some of that for them!

Welcome to the S4TS family, Russ and Ilya. Here's to your future families, and that they come for you soon.

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  1. Thanks again for all you do to promote adoption of these little ones. May you sense the Lord's pleasure.