Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Deafening, gut-wrenching Silence

Orphan Advocacy has it's ups and downs. The ups can be the fast-growing community I see here. Thank you to everyone who has Liked the Facebook Page, is following here, or both. Your support is what motivates us and keeps us going.

But while the ups are great, the downs are hard.

And one of them is happening right now.

Almost an entire year ago, two sets of events were running towards each other for a deadly collision. Three families were in the process for the first three Special Needs adoptions from a small region in Russia. At the same time, a mother in the U.S. was feeling overwhelmed and somewhat tricked into adopting a child from that region that had more than she wanted to deal with. Her solution? Send him, alone, on a plane, back to Russia. and then...


The events that ensued were a collision of cultures, viewpoints, and personal beliefs. For a time, everyone moved forward in a frenetic pace, afraid that this was going to close most Eastern European Countries from all adoption. Things picked up for everyone else after the first shock waves  had left.

But for that  one little Region things froze like solid ice. The judge froze everyone in their tracks.

And here we are, almost a year later. And today, the judge has made her decision.

But it hasn't reached our ears yet.

Right now, while we wait for word to come, the silence is deafening, all-consuming, and gut-wrenching. One little statement is going to permanently fix the situation one way or another.

But people are praying.

And I ask you to keep praying. Because these families deserve their children. And God knows how much they want them home.

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  1. Please don't despair sweet friend, the heart of God is beating and bleeding for those children. Hearts and mountains are being moved, and prayers continue to pour in.
    People like and and many more - keep vigilant and forever broken for those poor children.
    Please visit them - I do often, because I need to see that there is still hope and love, nad people care and do things to change things.

    Keeping you in my prayers.