Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Heart Movers

Well, as the saying goes, when it rains, it pours! The floodgates of Heaven have opened up for us this week in so many ways!

First and foremost, that silence I talked about in yesterpost was broken on Wednesday when the Judge gave the two families one trip through their process a COURT DATE! Needless to say, my friends the Hooks (one of whom is one of our team members here) are ecstatic as they prepare to finally bring their little girl home! The Davis's (Kirril's family, i.e. the little blond boy with glasses) will have their court date a week before the hooks, and then the Moreno's (Adopting Baby J, who has the brown hair) will be anxiously awaiting their first trip after these two adoptions are finalized. Pray for a speedy process for all involved!

Now some of  you may be asking what my title means. And I'm about to explain that.

A Heart Mover is my personal synonym for an Orphan. One little face that can move your heart to action because maybe you see the pain in their eyes. Or the happiness in the face of so much hardship. Or the strength beyond what they should have had to endure. But nonetheless, your heart reaches to them, and they change you, through one little interaction, glance, photo, or video. And you move.

From my personal experience, a Special Needs  Adoption such as the ones I have seen entail two sets of Heart Movers. the first is that little face (or faces) that sucks you in. So much that you know God has called you to this, and you have to move. And, somehow, God gives you what you need to act on it. And only a couple months later, you get to meet that little person (or people, as the case may be), in the living flesh. You hold them, squeeze them, kiss them all over just to make sure they are actually there. And as your journey to bring that little one home starts to end, you meet this other little one. One who, for me, you want to help so badly. But you know you've just completed one journey that is only just beginning. So you resolve to do as much as you can to help them in their dire situation.

For me, that little one was Sonya. you can find her on "Our Orphan Loves" page, or you can see her face as our Facebook Profile Picture. she is as smart as a whip and very funny.When we were picking up my little Sister Julia, who has Down Syndrome on her gotcha day, I didn't want to add more confusion to my Dad trying to help the caretakers dress Julia. So I walked around. Waved at all the little kids in their cribs. One of them grabbed on to me. Literally. Got my attention with her infectious, giggly smile, and the rest is history. I got to spend the next ten minutes playing with her in her crib, blowing up my cheeks and then "Popping" them with her little hands. She thought this was hysterical. And then I got to take that picture. That picture is something I am so grateful for. The orphanage workers were kind enough to let me take that before I left, and it has been a major help in getting Sonya some  good circulation through the community. I'd hardly admit to it unless someone asked me outright, but  I consider it my little contribution to helping Sonya get home.

And there is another Little Heart Mover I ask you to pray for: This is a little girl named Masha. She moved the heart of my Mom's good friend Mrs. Spitz, as well as her friend Jill, and Mrs. Nalle of the well-known Micah Six Eight Blogspot, otherwise known as the story her son Aaron. And Masha is moving countless others with her story. She has mere days before transfer to the mental institute, and God called some generous benefactor to grant her a $16,000 (count the zeroes) grant. While the remaining 10,000 is no small amount of cash, it is much more possible now. Please Pray she can find her family soon. The scary reality that  a group of God's precious treasures can be left in cold metal cribs, uncared for and unloved, is truly saddening. But God can find a way.

                                 You lived among the least of these
                                          The weary and the weak
                      And it would be a tragedy for me to turn away.
                                     All my needs you have supplied.
                                  When I was dead you gave me life.
                              How could I not give it away so freely?

              And I'll follow you into the homes that are broken.
                                     Follow you into the world.
                 Meet the needs for the poor and the needy God.
                                  Follow you into the World.

Leeland featuring Brandon Heath, "Follow You"


  1. Will be praying, thank you for sharing. Such a precious Heat Mover (I love that expression).

  2. Oh Caleb - so well written!!! Thank You So MUCH!!!!