Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Calling All Angels

There's a little prayer I prayed as a kid that goes like this:

                                          "Angel of God, my Guardian Dear,
                                       To whom God's love commits me here
                                                 Ever this day, be at my side,
                                      To light, to guard,  To rule, And guide."

In the Catholic Church, we believe in these things called Guardian Angels. Angels from Heaven that are our named protector who watch over us along with God in heaven. Everybody in the entire world has one.

While all of us aren't exactly real Angels, many of us in this beautiful world of orphan ministry do our best to watch over, protect, and even save the little children who have no voice. Our greatest objective is to find a family for all of these children, even if we can't adopt them. To advocate for them, donate to their adoption grant, etc. And so I'm asking all you Angels here on earth to protect, watch over, pray for a little boy I have to speak up for:

This is Jonah from Reece's Rainbow. Isn't he a handsome little guy? He's cognitively, he's perfectly normal. But some fused fingers and cranio-facial issues immediately discredit him in his native country. The problem is, he's just turned four, and yep, you guessed it, is facing transfer. To a mental institute. Mrs. Nalle, who many of you know for her Orphan Advocating, adopted her son Aaron from there. She has seen it in all its full, depressing state. She knows best what Jonah is facing.

But I still want to put in my two cents for Jonah, unawares of his dreary circumstances as I may be. Please do all you can to find him a home. Pray for him, donate for him, advocate for him, all that you can. I'm calling on all of you Angels for this amazing little boy's rescue.

A quick postscript- good news, however, Masha has a FAMILY !!!!! Yay!

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