Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Giver of Miracles

It's been quite a 24 hour+ period since yesterday morning. I have been in constant motion since then.

And I've never felt more energized and joyful.

Yesterday, August 9th, was the magical day that my beloved Hinz Family dropped in for a visit. The day for me started around 8 a.m.- cleaning my bedroom, myself, getting a good breakfast in me, the usual morning chores. I talked to some members of the Hinz party via Facebook early that morning and they were planning on coming around shortly before noon. My Partner in Crime, the one and only Molly, was coming slightly prior. The time between when I finished preparations and Molly came was brutal. You could have cut my anticipation with a knife, I tell no lie. Once Molly came though, my waiting felt far less painful. 10 extra RR people are fantastic, but 1 out of the 10 is still fabulous. It seemed like we'd only been talking to Molly for a minute when mom saw the Hinz's van pull up in our driveway.

If I had been a volcano at that moment, I would have been Mt. St. Helen's. My Cool cover exploded.

I nearly killed myself bolting across my living room floor (hard wood, no less) and tried to bring it down to a nice stroll out the door to greet our guests. After the pleasure of meeting John (Mr. Hinz) and getting a first-reaction photo as I met Dusty from Amy, I quickly realized John was getting Sonya out on the other side, and pulled a stunt something bordering on sliding across the hood of their car. And at that moment, reunions, fantastic pictures, and purest joy commenced.

  I could NOT contain my joy when John put Sonya in my arms again. For the first few seconds I just held her close and took it in. Whether or not she remebered me, I'll never know. But it was definitely the same happy little girl I met on Christmas Day 2010.

I really can't even describe the rest of the day in it's fullness- laughter, connecting. Playing. Loving. LOTS of loving. the weather really tried its best to bomb us out- and honestly, we STILL made the best of the day. But pictures do speak louder than words, right?

The Joy of the day lasted into the late hours for hour tiny ones. Plenty of food going around the Dinner table, and good conversation with it. And all the playing. and snuggling. Good grief the snuggling. And the pictures- the click of mine and Molly's cameras were near harmonious as we clicked away. Having Sonya, and Dusty, and all of this beautiful group here at my house together was surreal. A few times I would blink and shake my head, much relieved to see a smiley baby Sonya still cuddling on my chest. And my dear Mr. Dusty- I can't even describe him. When I met him in the orphanage, his condition SCARED me. I so hoped he'd survive until his family got there. To see him now, you'd hardly know that child ever led a somber existence.

Throughout the day, I could NOT get over the change in him. Sonya was glued to my side whenever I could snatch her off the million other admirers she had (Elizabeth Molly Josh) but Dusty's change in overall demeanor and appearance was just jaw-dropping. His walking is sensational. His level of interaction is heart-warming. What a little miracle child.

Here's our entire group (minus Little Johnny, who's hiding behind my little brother Addisu and Dad). No better group of people. So from bottom to top, left to right, here we go: in the bottom left, we have Amy with Carolyn, Dad with Addisu and Julia, Molly+Dusty. Grandam C (Amy's mom), Aunt Diane (Hinz's sister-in-law) Gabby (my sister by adoption! :D) Josh, Grandpa C, my mom, John, Elizabeth+Sonya, and Me :) defines the Word Milestone as "a significant event or stage in the life, progress, development, or the like of a person, nation, etc." Speaking for the Silent has had many milestones- 200 likes. The fact we started. The Eubanks Family contacting us. All show that God is guiding us on our own little pathway- no matter where it leads. But as I talked about this with everyone in my living room as the rain poured softly outside, this was different. This is one small example to show the children we advocate for, are more than just a picture. More happens then prayers that lead to commitment by a family. We meet these kids. We love these kids. They're REAL.

Glory to God, Giver of all Miracles. IF it weren't for him, none of this would have happened. I wouldn't have gone to Ukraine. I wouldn't have met Sonya. or the Hinzes. OR Molly. I had a fever that literally broke 24 hours before the Hinzes arrived. The kinks that seemed like huge earthquakes smoothed out for a picture perfect story beginning to end. And I couldn't be more thankful and Joyful for the opportunity.

"Glory to God in the highest from down here below. Jesus, my Savior, your Name is the sound of my home. So I'm singing out from the depths of my heart, I'm singing out, from the top of my lungs, lifting you High I'm in LOVE with YOU, theses Canyons will echo my voice, singing HALL-E-LUJAH! Oh what a beautiful noise."

Hinz/Lococo/Conley Family get-together from Caleb Lococo on Vimeo.


  1. Oh Caleb!!!! What a wonderful Post!!!! I felt like I was right there with all of you!!!!

  2. It looks like everyone had so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.