Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Life Worth Saving

"If I see one more life that's fading, it's one too many"

Brandon Heath, "The One" 

Recently my friend Kaitlyn of the 4Girls4Christ blog started a facebook group for all of us advocators to connect. It's been great to catch up with and meet so many awesome young people who share my passion. If you want to get in on that action, feel free to contact any of us so we can add you!

One of the many things that's awesome about teaming up with each other has been learning about all of the different little kids we each advocate for. So many different countries, needs, ages, it's awesome. Some of them are kids I know so well and love like crazy. Others are ones I've never seen before. But no matter how much I do or don't know them, I think we all fall in love with them instantly.

Case in point: I want y'all to meet Josh. My friend Ashley Quinn of "Defending the Fatherless: God's Heart, Our Hands" started raising the shout for him a few days ago. Isn't he just a little chunk o' love? While he technically isn't due for transfer until December of next year, he's still in urgent need of  a family? Look at the light in those eyes. The wide smile. The bright, alert eyes. Those aren't things you can keep for long when you live in most Ukrainian institutions, be it Baby Houses or Mental Institutes. I seriously admire Ashley's dedication and love for this little tyke she's never even met. Really momma-like dedication right there. She's even said that if she was married, she'd get to work adopting him without a second thought. Isn't that sweet? Serious commitment right there.  Want proof in ink? Here's a letter Ashley was kind enough to let me share here:

"Dear 'Josh,' 
The first time I saw your picture, I fell in love with you. I haven't "known" you for long, but the love I feel for you in my heart is extreme. I told my big brother that I just want to kiss your face. It's just so sweet and looks so cute and soft. You have the most gorgeous eyes and your smile could make anyone melt. I can't stop looking at your picture. I may only be 19, but I would love more than anything to be your mommy. Did you know that if I was married, I would be legally able to adopt you? I feel as if you were meant to be MY son, even though that's crazy thinking on my part. How could you be meant to be mine? I'm not even married. I don't know why God put this longing in my heart. Maybe it's so that I can help find you a family? I honestly don't know. I do know that anyone who gets you as their son will be so extremely blessed. You are only 3 years old. Born almost exactly a year before my soon-to-be sister. I wish so badly that I could save you from that orphanage. To show you what it truly means to be loved. To show you what it feels like to have a mommy and daddy. To take you to church. To tuck you into bed at night as I sing you sweet songs. To kiss your boo boos. To tell you that "I love you". Like I said, you are only 3 years old. Such a precious age. But, do you know what breaks my heart? If no one saves you by time you are 4 or 5, just less than 2 years away, you will go away to a horrible place.You will be tied to a crib and left to die if no one saves you. You will be alone. What breaks my heart even more is knowing that you do not know that this is coming. You are just a have no idea what your future holds if you are not rescued. I wish that I could rescue you. But, sweet baby boy, since I can't, I have to pray that someone does rescue you.....soon. Before it's too late.
Sending kisses to you from across the ocean...."

Speaking for the Silent was started to help spread awareness for that small group of children who few know need care. There's approximately over 2,000 Special Needs Orphans in Eastern Europe alone. A small group in populations that span millions. But one life saved is one less lost. Pray about him. Pray for him. Do all that you can. It makes a difference.

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  1. It's been great being able to connect with everyone!

    Great post Caleb!