Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Very Special Day

"Six Years Ago"
Six Years ago this morning, 
God gave the world a gift.
it was wrapped in a little 
pink blanket, in an orphanage 
she'd sit.

For Five long years, that baby girl, 
was stuck in that place there,
in an orphanage, where life was
tough, a place filled with despair. 

But God's plan for this little girl, 
was hardly over yet. Her deep blue eyes, 
and joyful smile, God would not just forget. 

God knows what thoughts
that baby had. All that time she sat and spent
in a few small rooms in an Orphanage, 
but her story wasn't over yet. 

One cold winter, not too long ago
two families came and went
to that tiny little orphanage,
that little girl, they met. 

She changed the lives of all of them, 
with whom she laughed and played. They prayed 
a family would bring her home,
and rescue her one day.

And then one day, it WAS her turn!
The nannies came and scooped
a little boy, and that little girl, out of their cribs, 
and LOOK!

A family waiting 
down the hall
to love and hold them close.
Two orphans less, forever more, 
O Praise the God of all! 

And now they live so happily, 
in their new family life.
New brother, sister, mom, and dad, 
and not for temps, for LIFE! 

So on this day 6 years from then, God gave 
the gift of you, 
and one thing I can say for sure, 

Happy Birthday little miss Sonya! Your winning smile captured my heart and put me on fire for the least of these. Because of the miracles that have happened through and around our chance meeting on Christmas Day 2010, I am changed forever! God Bless you, Dusty, and your new family I LOVE!


  1. A wonderful tribute to some wonderful children, families and a moment in time where we all connected in God's plan.

  2. Beautiful post Caleb! ♥ It amazes me how one little face can change us forever and spur us into a ministry we never dreamed existed on the level it does. Reminds me of this song - :)

  3. Caleb - We love you too! Your words are so beautiful - brought me to tears - yet again! Thanks for your prayers for Sonya - God made sure your were part of our journey to find her!
    Amy and all the Hinzes!