Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Change of a Year

A year ago today, January 17th, a little blog was started.

For a couple little kids on the hearts of one teen and a couple friends of his.

In answer to what that teen thought was a call from God to answer Proverbs 3:18 to the fullest.

A year ago.....

It feels like the last time I wrote was about a year ago as well. I had NO intention of letting 3 months go by with nothing said. November, NATIONAL ADOPTION AWARENESS MONTH. December, the month when Baby Jesus was born! And January, the first month of a New Year: 2012. Oh well. I'm a human with a crazy schedule. I've also been blessed to know most of the families I advocate for here personally, giving my support in other places.

In my wildest dreams, I never imagined I'd experience all the things I have in the past year when I started this blog. Starting it, for one. Advocating constantly. Sonya and Dusty getting a family. Shawna and Lindsay getting a family. That I would start and successfully complete a campaign to up the likes on our Facebook page, but, more importantly, spread the word about the Plight of the Orphan. That I'd get to reunite with Sonya and Dusty, PLUS their fantastic new family. And for all that, I NEVER thought I'd have the courage to give a talk in front of 300 people.

And I NEVER would have believed the amount of adoptive families I've had the privilege of watching, walking with, and praying for.

The Eubanks Family is facing court in HOURS. I'll update the post once verdict is reached.

The Gibsons have been home with their precious Carter for two months. You can read their latest (and awesome!) post to see how they're doing.

The Rogers Family has been home for  almost 3 months! Amazing!

The Spitz Family is on their way back to pick up their precious Gavin. woohooo!

The Whiteakers got to go meet Danny!

The Lindquists got to meet their precious Ethan!  

And, drumroll......


1 down, two to go on the S4TS Picture of children we're praying for!

I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to work with all the people I have, meet all the people I've met, go all the places I've been able to travel, accomplish all the achievements I listed. But none of it is to say that I'm an amazing person or that "I've" accomplished so much. God, and God alone. He gave me the opportunity to travel to Ukraine. To meet Sonya, and help my dad bring home Julia. He gave me the call to start this blog, and to have the level of success I have.

Thank You, God.

Of course, the BIGGEST blessing besides seeing so many Orphans come home is the support that you, my readers give me. Without you, there would be no 270 likes on Facebook. No encouraging comments. For those and so many more things, I am forever indebted to you.

WOW. Amazed by what one year has brought us, cannot WAIT for the new one!


  1. Great post! Thanks for the mention!! :)

  2. It's been an amazing year alright!! :)