Sunday, January 29, 2012

Overwhelming Positivity

Since getting back into the blogging groove a little under 2 weeks ago, things have been on the up-and-up here at S4TS. A huge thank-you to 4Girls4Christ over at Rainbow of Hope (formerly John 14:18) for helping us get word about ourselves circulating again so when can move back into what we love doing most: Speaking for the Silent!

First and foremost in the news, BRIGITA HAS A FAMILY!!!!!!! YAY Brigita! Thank you for all who were praying, spreading the word, etc. And thank you Sarah B. for making sure I knew ;)

Now the three S4TS musketeers are down to one- sweet little Ilya P! Plenty of posts about/for this guy coming in the future.

Speaking for the Silent has crossed so many landmarks in just the last two weeks! The Spitz family is
finally home with their precious Gavin! woo hoo! Congrats Spitzes- I am SO looking forward to playing with Gavin and all of his brothers and sisters this summer!

If one family home isn't awesome enough, the Eubanks family passed court! They are so close to being home with our precious Shawna and Lindsay! They have remained so positive and energetic throughout their entire month-long stay, and I give them SO much credit for it. Please pray for them in the coming week. Gotcha Day will be some time mid week, and they desperately hope they can get the girls' passport process complete so they don't have to take their two lovely new daughters out into the freezing cold weather expected the week after this one. Regardless, we could not be more excited for the end of a very long journey to two precious little girls and for the Eubanks' new life as a family of 7 to begin!

In an attempt to fulfill a promise I made almost a month ago, head on over to the Guardian Angel group blog to support their T-shirt fundraiser to help bring home little Rush Gustafson, formerly Mary on RR! The project ends January 31st! So if you read this post before then, PLEASE hop on over and help out!

While the full story is a post for another time, I am beyond happy to say I got to reunite with The Hinz family down in Washington D.C. a week ago this monday. So great to see all of them, and beyond surreal to think that this time last year, two of the little lovies that brought my family and theirs together were sitting in an orphanage.

Well, while there's still PLENTY of page updates to do, followers to gain, and orphans to advocate for, we're finally getting back into the swing of things here at Speaking for the Silent! And all the while, we being surrounded by Overwhelming Positivity.

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