Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Catching Up

For those of you who thought we'd disappeared off the face of the earth, we are still here! All of us have been mega busy. Tori just got back from a rockin' time in China with the cuties at Maria's Big House of Hope, and me (Caleb) and Josh have been wrapping up schoolwork so we're already for the Reece's Rainbow get-together up at Pathfinders in a couple weeks. Can I count on meeting up with some fellow Speakers up there? ;)

Anyway, I am fully aware my website has fallen into an obsolete state of updates and I fully intend to fix it soon! Now that they are official, I am SO glad to announce the Eubanks family who are adopting our precious Lindsay and Shawna! The S4TS team has been in all of their prayers and efforts for the last month or two, and we have been SO honored they told us early! You can find their link here, and we'll have it posted to our Children We Are Praying Home page very soon. we are beyond excited for them!

Another big happening has been dear friends of ours, the Spitzes, have stepped forward in faith less than six months after their last international adoption to start AGAIN! I have to be honest when I say they are just such a funny, Godly family, and they're one of the few blogs I faithfully follow (although 20+ isn't exactly few...)! I am SO looking forward to meeting them and their precious Bella in a couple weeks, and there's a chance we might hear from them on here... stay tuned!

So as you can see, lots of new things in the offing (as the British would put it) and plenty of things to do and yep, you guessed it, pray for! Hope to see some of you in person up at Pathfinders, love e-mailing with a bunch of you, and honestly, this ministry is what keeps me going, because it's just so full of God and His workings! Plenty of Heart Movers to help along the way,. plenty of families to support and pray home, so many great things! And have no fear, this blog is not gonna stay outdated for long :)

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