Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Open Floodgates (Courage to move)

Well, last post I promised a LOT of big news, and here it is! Here it goes, let's open the floodgates and let it ALL OUT!

So firstly, as many of you probably know already, JONAH HAS A FAMILY!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

So happy for this little cutie. So Cute! (redundant much?) Anyway, what's even cooler is that the family that wants to adopt him is actually in-country, which means he'll be home MEGA soon! And it is certainly a possibility this could keep him from imminent transfer! Praise God! I'll have his family's info up as soon as I can! In the mean time, just keep praying for him!

Adding cars to the prayer request train, one of our team members at S4TS is on a mission trip this week! Tori, resident Missionary buff here at S4TS (and Shining City Teens, and Show Hope!) is over in China with Show Hope (find their website link above and in the Charities we Love page) at their Special Needs Care facility. I am SO happy for her, and I'm kind of anticipating her coming back and telling all of her stories not only to hear about what I'm sure has been an awesome experience, but also because...

I'm hopefully going there next summer!

Yep, There's a chance I could be going on a mission trip! I am SO hoping that I can make it! The trip itself will be great (I'm sure), but its going to be an exercise in Trust of God- because it costs $3500 to go(mainly because of airfare). I am REALLY trusting though, that if it's God's will I should go, the money will be there. It will probably be Early/Mid June of 2012 that I'd be going, so if you'd be willing to pray for me, I'd be MUCH appreciative!

But arguably the biggest peace of news I have- is that Shawna and Lindsay are BOTH on the My Family Found Me Page of RR! I've gotten official permission from the family to link you to their blog, and  I can tell you they are GREAT people! SO thankful that God has inspired someone to bring these girls home! So their Blog link is right here. Shawna and Lindsay's new family contacted me close to a month ago when they began praying about those two precious Gems. I was SO honored to be among the first to know, but I felt obligated to keep things under wraps until it was official. But my heart is with y'all as well, and it is honestly a JOY to share this with you! God is Good!

Above all though, all of these events show the courage to move. To follow God's call no matter the cost. Now THAT is truly inspiring.

The floodgates have opened indeed, and where the waters will take us, nobody knows....

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  1. Praise God! Best wishes to these families and their new children.