Monday, April 4, 2011

Ever Onward

Well, friends, I'd say the orphan-advocating Legions of God's armies have rallied together for some smashing victories of late! The Hooks are on the way home. The Hinz Family (for Dusty and Sonya) are getting ready to ship out to EE! (Visit the "Children we are praying home page for more info)  The Schwenzers, a family also adopting two adorable little kids from the region where my sister Julia, Sonya, and Dusty are from,  have passed court! Well, time to throw in the towel, sit back in a lawn chair and sip an Iced Tea!


Many goals HAVE and ARE being accomplished. Actress Patricia Heaton (of Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle fame) is pledging to contribute some titanic amount of money (within the ballpark of 10K I believe) if 10,000 people will tweet to the Twitter handle @reecesrainbow and follow them. Can you imagine what Reece's Rainbow could do with Ten THOUSAND DOLLARS!?!?! Unreal.

But there are still kids to be advocated for. I'll be adding Josh's two little Orphan Loves to the page within the week (hopefully) and I'm going to be adding on more charities to the Charities We Love Page. I'm also going to be announcing a new Idea I've got for connecting this community across the internet that could be a lot of fun! But this week, we are going to start a special feature: Our Child of the Week! And the first Our Child of the week is....


The Our Child of the Week feature is essentially a little "Pray for this child especially please" type thing. We'll feature them in the Sidebar and link to their donation page on the RR website (clicking the picture will access it).

And so we move ever onward....

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