Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prayers please!

So as fate would have it, we actually had a very exciting event on Tuesday! The Hinz family, adopting our precious Sonya and Dusty from Orphanage 3 on Reece's Rainbow, got their court date! Unusually soon, too. Like, less than 12 hours from now (which would be Ten O'clock p.m. EST). SO around 7 a.m, EST, the Hinzes will be in court for our precious little lovies! praying so hard for them- Sonya and Dusty inspired me, Mr. and Mrs. Hinz have been kind enough to talk with me my family, which means so much.

                For me, advocating for these kids is more than just posting pictures, a blurb about them and/or their new families, and praying them along. Even though Sonya and Dusty will always be my special babies because I met them and they kicked this act into gear, I honestly feel a tug in my chest when I see kids like Carmensita in Peru or Jonah in EE and the fact that one of them is permanently stuck in a orphanage, and the other is so close to transfer it almost haunts me as much as it does tug at me. The fact that the new parents of two kids who inspired me are willing to talk, even for a few minutes, is so much inspiration for me to keep going. It reminds me that even in its small size right now, our community has garnered some extremely faithful followers and made the difference to somebody. I have had the privelege of talking to one mom who is trying to find a home for two of our orphan loves, Shawna and Lindsay, since she can't adopt them herself for various reasons. People like that mom, who want to do as much as they can to help, they're who inspire me. Tori has even started her own little movement down south with some friends called Worthday, dedicated to showing orphans their worth in the eyes of the Father. People like Tori, Helle, or Mrs. Nalle or Mrs. Klekas, or the Hinzes (this list could go on for a while), even my extremely encouraging mom and dad, who do all in their power to help orphans, are what keep me going. So if any of you read this, a personal thank you to all. You've kept one blogger from deleting his blogs and profile and trying to make the difference. Would I like to add some more male role models to the list to join a hero like my dad? well, that's another post.

One more little prayer request: our child of the week, miss Brigita (see her pic in the sidebar) is apparently having a rough time in her orphanage. According to my dear friends Helle and Mrs. Klekas, the tongue thrusting that  is signature of  people with Down Syndrome, is becoming a detriment to miss Brigita. In these orphanages, they shovel the food into these kids mouths at mealtime, and I would think it a fair guess that only about 30% of the food actually goes down the children's throats. If Brigita is indeed having problems with her tongue pushing food out, it could be pretty dangerous for her health. Please pray for her, that not only would a family will come forward for her, but that she'll be ok until then.

Thank you all again for reading and praying, and please keep the Hinzes and Brigita in your prayers. Thanks!

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