Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh My Dearies

To three less orphans in the world, I want to give my personal congratulations.

To Little Miss Eva Noel Hook:

You have waited so long for your dear family to come and get you. They have waited, prayed, fasted and traveled all for love of you. And you have united more people in prayer than you will ever know. You get to meet all your new brothers and sisters this Tuesday, and I can't WAIT to meet you soon on Skype, since I have you to thank for finding a friend in your Big Sister :) You're a little miracle baby, and the miracle of your adoption is now full circle now that you are with your mommy and daddy.

To My Precious Sonya, sweetest Dusty, and their amazing Parents:

I met you two little angels on Christmas Day, 2010, when I walked down this hall

                                               And I met you for the first time.

My emotions were so mixed when I met you. I saw your joy and I loved you happiness and the little light that shined through you, but I feared for you because of the place you would go if no one stepped forward for you. But God had a plan and a family already on the way for the two of you. when I found out both of you were coming home, I was overjoyed. And now that you have met them, I think you and your Mommy and Daddy all pretty happy with each other.


This is a day Your new mommy and daddy have dreamed of forever. And while it hasn't come without its trials, I am as overjoyed as they are that you are in their arms, that much closer to being home. You are the orphans that spurred me into action, and now your journey home has begun. Mr. and Mrs. Hinz, you guys amaze me with your courage, faith, and love and I am SO happy I have had the chance to talk with you, and hope we can MEET soon! Blessings to you as you begin your in-country journey to your two precious arrows!


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  1. Ah! Such beautiful pictures of a precious family! Sonya looks so well, but Dusty looks like he needs extra help. I hope he is okay. Many prayers going their way and I look forward to more pictures. If they see Lindsay or Shawna, will you let us know how these girls are doing?