Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Little Graduates

This is a great day for so many reasons! So many kids who have been here in one form or another from the very beginning are now OFFICIALLY part of families!

Today, Sonya Noel Hinz and Alexei Joseph "Dusty" Hinz are OFFICIALLY part of the Hinz family! This is the day I hoped for from the day I started this ministry, and its finally HERE! Beyond glad! Talk about sunshine on a rainy day! The weather is GROSS up here in NY, but hey, its all good! A little rain is gonna pull my spirits down!

So anyway, a little farewell speech to our graduates:

Eva Noel "Evan" Hook- Miss Evan, you are one little miracle baby. You were the first little child we prayed home, and after nearly two years of never giving up, your beloved family has finally welcomed you into their home forever. I am so happy that you're home, and all of the worrying your family had to bear as they forged through this process was worth it. I know from what I've seen on your family's blogs and Pictures on Facebook that you're doing very well, and I can't WAIT to meet you this Friday via Skype! It'll be Awesome, I'm sure.

 Sonya and A.J. (or Dusty, as many of you know him)- you guys are special not only because you're the first kids we advocated for, but your the two special kids I met in my little sister's groupa. This is the day I have waited for since I met you, and the happiness just overflows in all of us that you're officially spoken for. So from our team to the team that is your family, congrats :) I anxiously await May 19th, when you finally come home forever!
And finally, to the little girl we hope to call a graduate soon, Brigita.

 We are still prayin' for ya baby, and we really hope you have a family soon :) you just deserve it.

Thanks to all who have prayed for these families, we greatly appreciate it! We'll keep you updated, and, as always, Speak for the Silent!

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