Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We're going to Battle!

Say WHAT now!?!?!?!? We're going into battle? What kind? Lord of the Rings type, Saving Private Ryan type? WHAT TYPE OF BATTLE?!?!!?!?

Prayer Battle, my friends. Prayer Battle.

I'm not gonna be around this weekend, I'm going to be on retreat ,and I just wanted to put out our list of people/causes we're asking you to pray for.

1. The Hooks and their precious Evan are 97% DONE with their process. Waiting Periods will wrap up in about a week, and then they're home on the 16th! Praise God. Pray for sweet little Evan's transition, and for a healthy home to come home to. I won't spill the details, but all you need to know is sick has been passing around the Hook Household.

2. The Hinzes (Sonya and Dusty's family) are leaving soon for EE! Pics of their first meeting will DEFINITELY be posted here once they're available, but for now just pray! Pray for their friends the Schwenzers as well, who are on their way into their second trip!

3. I'm officially going to announce it here- I have an idea brewing in my head to help connect this little community God has blessed us with! For those of you who are on Facebook and/or following the S4TS page, there's a discussion boards area that, apart from one of our ardent Facebook followers posting some info there, has remained unused. It's basically a place where everyone can put their thoughts into a conversation all fans of the page can participate in. After Easter celebrations have quieted down, I'd like to try and schedule a board where anybody who's interested can talk about what they would like to/are doing to help orphans and how they got started. I'll be putting up a poll here and on FB to see how many people are interested, and if you know anybody who isn't following the ministry, please spread the word so this could happen!

4. Last but CERTAINLY not least, is to pray for all the kids on our "Our Orphan Loves" page. Scroll down the page ad pray for each and every one. We have had the fortune of seeing 3 (maybe more) of them make it it to the "Children we are Praying Home" Page, and Miss Evan and the Hooks will be the first to graduate that page. If it cna happen with three, it could happen with 3,000 more kids. keep them in your prayers.

And finally, if its not too much to ask, pray for our team. Tori is gearing up for not only a new family member she has waited FOREVER for, but she's getting ready to fund raise for a grand total of $5500 for two summer mission trips. I'm continuing to try and keep this blog, my personal one, and occasionally my family's updated (along with help from my teammates of course ;) ), and I'm trying to write some notes for a talk on Orphan advocacy I'm giving at a summer camp this August to a whopping 300+ people.

Thank you so much for continuing to follow, comment, and like, and God Bless!


  1. Hi Caleb, So, am I the one "ardent" follower??? haha! I just wanted to add that on the RR yahoo group, several people are banding together to raise money for certain children. Also, Helle, author of the Noggie Bloggie is putting together a fundraiser for the Girls/Down syndrome 6+ grant in hopes of getting one girl a family, even if it isn't her Brigitta that she loves so dearly. Just to let you know as you are one very busy young man. Keep up your Lenten battle and know that I am battling in prayer also for these precious orphans.

  2. I don't really know what is involved in the FB discussion board, is it like a regular message board? (I feel so ancient, not knowing these things)lol!

    Its strange, because recently I actually thought of creating a website, so that our small, yet growing blogger community can have forums, and a central place to post our prayer battles, notifications of any immediate and urgent requests, etc.

  3. Hey Catalina!

    That would be really neat I'm sure!

    You actually get more of how the boards work than you realize! They are basically run like a forum discussion, just on Facebook, where people don't have to make another account except their Facebook! If yo haven't Liked us yet, feel free to so you have one more easy way to keep up with us! I don't quite get most of the hype behind FB, but as a networking tool its a dream!