Friday, May 20, 2011

The Happy Days (Utter Joy)

I have no words. Truly none. To describe the utter joy when I think of what God has done just awes me beyond human limits, makes me realize just how BIG He really is.

In Life and all its endeavors, there are the good days and the bad days. The triumphs and the pitfalls. The times when you can't believe your success and the times when you feel like you're in the desert.

Today would qualify for something more like all of the first things mentioned: A Good day. A triumph. A Great Success.

Because I have prayed and waited for nearly 6 months to see the picture in my head flash across my computer screen:

                           Sonya and A.J.(formerly Dusty), your story is known by many. It has inspired many, especially this one blogger. I met you both, you both stole my heart. You pushed it into a Motion of Mercy that hasn't stopped yet. and thanks to you and your story, I have had the strength and the encouragement to carry S4TS to new heights. You were the 1st babies we really wanted to see come home, and here you are. We will never forget you, but celebrate you. You will be our poster child, but not because you are the Silent, but the ambassadors of them and a happy ending to the story. You have given us hope, you have given me hope. I truly believe that the 5 minutes I saw each of you for was meant to be, and that without you I would not be who I am today. Your family is amazing, cherish them like there's no tomorrow. You are beyond blessed to be a part of them, I am beyond blessed to know them. Your new siblings, I adore. Big Brother Johnny is definitely your protector. He loves you guys to bits. Sonya, something tells me you and Carolyn will be each others BFFs (you'll learn what that means later ;) ). And your parents- where do I even begin. They're amazing. Strong in Love, strong in Faith, you hit the Jackpot. I'm yet to see a soul they know and don't support, and their trust in God is second to none.

"So take this heart of mine, there's no doubt, you're in better hands now."  :)

God Bless you, Hinz Family! You will continue to be in our prayers as you adjust to your beautiful new life.


  1. Caleb we will send an update very busy and things are going on here with not having any time to get on the computer. Papa

  2. Like you, Caleb, Sonya was the first orphan from RR that I helped to pray home. It is wonderful beyond words to know that Sonya and A.J. are now safe and will be SO LOVED! My prayers will always include the Hinz's for their many happy years to come!

  3. caleb.....My name is Debbie and I met you in Kiev..I was with Jill Birschbach and Elijah. Could you email me I need to share something amazing with you!

    Debbie Gibson