Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Him and His work

The last two days (no, week, no two weeks, no month, no 5 months, no just life) have been a whirlwind of happening and great events in this world of Orphan Care we at S4TS inhabit.

1st- The Hinz Family has officially come home to the Great States, with two new additions in tow! They arrived home on May 19th, never to face the fear of Orphanage life again!

                  (Two sets of Grandparents, One great aunt, and one great family!)

All I can say is Mission accomplished, thanks to Jesus! To think in a mere 5 month period since I met these precious gems they are home forever and loved beyond (I'm listening to You've Got a Friend in Me. Hence the Buzz reference :D) is just mind-blowing. I feel so blessed to have gotten the chance to talk with them, get to know their family, be a small part of this BIG adventure! And now it has come to a most definitely, undeniably happy ending.

But it doesn't end there. Because two more boys are coming home with their forever families.

Little Kirill. Good grief, is he a sweety. Especially close to the hearts of we here at S4TS, since he's in the same region as Tori's little sister Evan was adopted from. His family was the 1st to appear before this region's judge for a special needs adoption. The first time was NOT a charm in this situation. The judge said no, but Kirill's new parents have some serious grit. They went back again, this time to the supreme court, and accomplished their goal. After nearly two years in the process, we congratulate you, Davis Family (If you're friends with them, please let them know we congratulate them!).

But that is far from all. Because a little boy named Brady, institutionalized in a place devoid of the funds and resources to properly take care of the sweet boys they are charged with by the state, has also passed court. He has been given the handsome name of Jud Denis Hartman.

Right now is just an amazing time to be an advocator, isn't it? God is so good! and more is too come for sure, for His blessings never end!

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  1. It is an AMAZING time to be an advocator! God is moving in powerful ways! :)