Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How His Love Prospers, Endures, and Provides!

So a couple posts back, in a post called "With a Little Trust," I wrote about how trusting God to show his hand in this ministry bit by bit had gotten us to where we are now, and that maybe where we were wasn't so bad. I honestly thought, well mission accomplished. We got Sonya home. We got some people on fire for God and orphans and maybe that was it. Maybe that was god's intended purpose for us. But at the same time, I continued to hope and pray that if things were meant to happen, I would see god's hand in them.

Little did I know what God had in store.

Where do I even begin with all the amazing God events of today? First, I saw that our Followers on the blog had spiked by about 5 or 6 people. Where they came from or how they found us I don't know, but they were there. And it looked like we had gained some new followers on the Facebook page too! We were up around 41 "Likers," as I call them. I put a little post out on my personal Facebook, asking if people would help us reach the 50 Liker goal I hoped for. 50 people would be more than enough, I thought. And then one of my very close friends, who is like a big brother, a mentor, and a confidant to me, took up the hue and cry as I say it and posted something on his Facebook. between the two of us, I thought we had garnered maybe 46 people. Later I checked back again. We had not only reached the 50 person goal, we were at 51!!!!!! And then I checked back 2 minutes before writing this post. And we are now 5 people away (discluding myself) from a full 60 followers!

I sit here tonight, typing away, BEYOND AND UTTERLY AMAZED. Never would I have dreamed in a mere 3 and a half months, I would have over 60 combined followers (not counting those of you kind enough to follow us on both Facebook and Blogger) who are willing to speak for the silent, or at least support those who will. This is GOD, right here, people, and I promise even bigger news is coming in a post very soon.

In the mean time though, please keep praying for our sweet Jonah. I believe that with over 60 combined people praying  for him, he WILL have a family soon. Its a gut thing, but I just have a peace about it. so please pray for all that is going on, and remember, no matter where you are in this world GOD HAS NOT GIVEN UP ON YOU!

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