Monday, May 30, 2011


Today was Memorial Day in the U.S.A.. The day we celebrate all men and women, living and dead, who have given their lives (either fully or in good portion) to the safety of America as a nation. I am VERY proud to live in a nation where freedom of religious belief is an inalienable right. Where we stand strong together when the chips are down. Our military fights for us with a valor. For that, reason, today we honor them.

But this Memorial Day weekend, I have a new found respect for these courageous men and women. Speaking for the Silent is devoted to speaking for those voices that are being silenced by the governments and mentalities in their home countries (and most of the rest of the world) who say they're not worth it. Not worth the time, or the energy, or the attention. Now don't get us wrong, we have no intentions of overthrowing any governments or anything drastic like that. But what we do hope for is a change of heart. We hope to do it with the words we say and the actions we perform, with outreach, mission trips, etc.

And in a very similar way, Soldiers do the same.

They are speaking out with their valor and their strength, that they believe in freedom for all people, and will fight with rigor until it is a reality. They speak for those silenced by oppressive governments and the evils of terrorism. While I sit behind my computer screen, trying to advance the cause I fight for with mere words, they are out risking their very lives, the possibility of ever seeing the ones they love again, all for Freedom and Equality for all.  Their version of freedom is one that crosses not only nation's borders and special needs, but races, classes, generations, everything.

For this reason today, soldiers, we salute you. You speak for all the unheard voices, the ones that aren't just silenced for a special need or a deformity, but because of so many more things.

Congratulations, U.S. Military, on 300 years of active service to the country you love, a service that transcends all ages, races, and nationalities, to show traits and sentiments hard-beat to find today:

Honor, Valor, Justice, and your end goals, Peace and Freedom.

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