Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Chance to Begin Again (redemption of adoption)

I have heard adoption be called many things. I have heard it called Ransoming a Child. I have heard people say (and I personally believe) it is a call from God. Whether or not all people who adopt or are in the orphan world are Believers, God has a plan for us whether we believe in Him or not. But one word I had always kind of been puzzled by when describing adoption was Redemption.

I knew adoption could save a life. I knew it could change it. Both through my own experience and watching those of others, it's pretty awesome to watch a child come out of their shell and realize this isn't another pit-stop on the road of life. That they are there to stay. But redemption seemed like a verbal overdose. I mean, Redemption? Being redeemed?

Within a short period of time, I'll have the golden opportunity to meet the first adoptive family ever to grace Speaking for the Silent with their presence: the Hinzes. John, Amy and their fantastic four kids mean a world and a half to me. At a time when I seriously questioned why I had felt called to start a blog for little kids no one was adopting, they stepped in and gave me hope. Their adoption of Dusty and Sonya wasn't just the saving of two Orphans-no-more. It gave me encouragement and the strength to feel God telling me that Sonya and Dusty would not be the last two orphans Speaking for the Silent would have the pleasure of watching come free of orphanage life and into their forever families. Indeed, at this moment we have both the Eubanks family and the Lindquists on the way to their sweetest lovies. The Eubankses for two more girls out of Sonya and my sister Julia's group, the Lindquists for Josh's prayer warrior child. God really does bring the people that will bless and teach you the most into your life.

If you know me personally, you know I get REALLY hyped for momentous occasions such as these. It races through my mind. Visions of what it will be like play out over and over. I'm an eccentric, and I know it. But sometimes my OCD eager anticipation brings about thoughts. Deep thoughts.

Example in said momentous occasion is as follows: One night, just as I was about to go to bed, I got a hunch. With all of the things that meeting these awesome people signifies, I figured a trip down good ol' memory lane was in store. I went to their blog and started back at their first post from across the sea. From there I fanned through every post and looked at every picture. Words cannot describe the difference.

And even my own little Julia, in the 7 months she's been home.

Seeing those photos and the changes in these three children that will soon be reunited nearly brought me to tears. For these three children, adoption wasn't just saving a life. It was a chance to begin again. It WAS redemption. From a place where their full value and potential was not or could not be realized, they are loved. They are valued. They laugh. They smile. They know what it means to love and be loved. To take a meal at a normal pace and savor the food. So who is to say adoption ISN'T redemption? Here's one more who believes it is.

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  1. As I read through the definitions of "redeem" I was touched by these: to free from what distresses or harms, to free from captivity, to change for the better, repair, restore, to make worthwhile, to make good, fulfill.

    It's so true that this is a mission of redemption. Redeeming children who otherwise have little value in their culture, to make them a worthwhile and invaluable part of our families.