Sunday, July 31, 2011

Five Loaves and Two Fish

I always love meditating on scripture in Church every Sunday Morning. It's like a perpetual gold mine, always finding some new nugget of golden knowledge to make you think a little. Today's Gospel reading was one of those days.

Almost every Christian (and even a good amount of non-Christians) know the story of the Feeding of the 5,000. Jesus has been preaching to the crowd for quite some time, and everybody's ready for a meal. One problem: They don't have any food. OK, well, maybe that's not entirely true. Somebody brought along 5 loaves and 2 fish. But this is 5,000 people we're talking. And scripture tells us that's not even including Women and Children. How on Earth are they going to feed 5,000+ people?

Jesus tells them to bring that small amount to Him. and by the time he's through and everyone's fed, there's 12 wicker baskets of leftovers. That's a LOT more than 5 loaves and 2 Fish.

As my Pastor was talking about the scripture in his homily, he raised an interesting point: Jesus had taken something VERY small, one little meal, and turned it into a feast. Something big.

Within the last couple weeks, I've had the pleasure of seeing a lot of fellow advocators reaching fantastic goals. Tori just completed the first Worthday. My friends at the Guardian Angels have raised over $300 for a family in need of some funds. I am INSANELY happy for all of my friends who are reaching these incredible heights. But then I think back- what have I done?


We prayed a couple kids home, didn't we?

We've made some slideshows, gotten a healthy crop of followers...


I'm VERY proud of those goals I have reached. But at the same time, they can seem a little on the short end of the spectrum in comparison. We haven't raised any money yet. We haven't changed the lives of 900 orphans. But then I think of whoever it was on that day 2000 years ago that brought their five loaves and two fish, that small amount of food. They couldn't have fed 5,000+ people with that! They couldn't have fed 50. But they willingly gave it to Jesus. And He gave it back 1,000 fold. So for now, I'm willing to trust that if we give Jesus our little ministry, we can do even greater things than we already have. Things that will Glorify Him even more.

With 2 Weeks for 200 coming to a close on Tuesday, I'm fervently asking everyone between here and Heaven to pray and share. Share and pray. Anything you can. Thank you for following us on this adventure. Now that we have truly trusted Jesus to multiply us as He will, what will happen?

Speaking for the Silent Promotional Video from Caleb Lococo on Vimeo.

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