Friday, July 22, 2011

The Great Awakening

"One man wakes, awakens another, the Second one wakes his next door brother, Three awake and rouse a town...And turn the whole place upside down. Many awake, will cause such a fuss. It finally awakes all of us. One man awakes with dawn in his eyes, surely then it multiplies, surely then it multiplies."
Leeland, "The Great Awakening"
Alternatively, I could have titled this post "Me of little faith." But this is far less about me than it is about those amazing things that have happened in the last couple hours. 
While you probably know from past posts that our team has a boatload of families we know personally and love deeply, we really have to thank our new friends the Lindquists (first half of their name links to their blog, second links to our post on them) for their insane level of gratitude and support since meeting them last week. If meeting them has taught me one thing, it's that some friendships are best formed in wee hours of the morning during cramming time. Getting their slideshow done has been a journey in and of itself, and you can read more about it here on their blog. Quite frankly, I'm squeezing out my last few drops of energy just to get this post out, but oh well, that's Orphan Care! :D
The story of the last few days and all it involved and taught me is a post for another day. But what I can say for sure is that I've learned to trust God on a higher level then before and seriously learned what it means to work hard for Greater Good. 
I'm being painfully honest when I say I was unsure what to expect when I put the 2 Weeks for 200 project out there. Would it crash? Would it excel? The first few days in, we got a few more Likes and our Promo Video's success was a little bit choppy, although it wasn't horrendous. Reminding myself it's NOT a popularity contest or that I have to get 200 Views, Likes or whatever to make a difference was a toughy. But I truly believe we have a God who not only hears our prayers but brings people into our lives who will help us in that  time, as a sign of God's Providence right here on Earth. 
When I first spread my wings with this site, God gave me the Hinzes (who I'll have the pleasure of meeting soon!) To show me not only were there people who cared, but people who would support me and befriend me therein. This time, God brought along the Lindquists. In the same way the Hinzes, along with some other friends, brought me success by spreading the word the last time I prayed for a surge, the Lindquists have brought it about just as well. Sharing the link to the 2 Weeks project on Facebook and their blog, the Lindquists (along with my ever-supportive and faithful parents) have literally provided over 20 new likes on Facebook, TONS of new views on the promo, and even a couple new followers right here on Blogger. Indeed, the few that have awakened each other to the call have woken the entire town, as the verse of christian band Leeland's song says at the top of the post. It has truly been a Great Awakening to the call for Orphan care. How many new voices will we gain to raise the shout? Well, let's see what God has in store for us.

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