Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girls and Hearts

In the past, I've talked about how I wish more guys would turn their heart towards Orphan Ministry. I'd love to see more "spiritual big brothers" in the same way that girls are like these children's "spiritual big sisters." Trying to stand up for them and protect them like a big brother would save his little sibling from a bully, or a big sister would kiss their baby brother's boo-boo. But far be it from me to ignore the tons and tons of fantastic girls out there who ARE doing their best to make a difference and are already leaving a greater legacy in their teen years then some do in their lives.

One of the reasons I LOVE doing big collaborative projects like my Slideshow with the Lindquists or 2 Weeks for 200 is just that: the collaboration. I love meeting/working with other people in the orphan world who in turn are willing to support you.

I'd like y'all to meet the Guardian Angels, or more specifically, (L to R) Caitlin, Amanda, Madison, and Genesis. Amanda and me are acquaintances within the Advocate community, and she's great. She makes some pretty kicker slideshows too, and she LOVES her adorable little brother from Russia, Mr. Vahnya Josiah!! What I love most about reading their blog is the sheer amount of energy, vigor, and passion these four have. After literally starting less than a month ago, they've already done a fund raising event and raised 105 smackeroos! THAT's gut and gumption right there. Check out their blog! They were kind enough to mention the 2 Weeks For 200 campaign on their Facebook page, so we wanted to return the favor and show the sense of community all of us advocators have!

Next we have John 14:18-4 Girls 4 Christ! 4 girls who have banded together to help save orphans. And being as that's the same team #'s as Guardian Angels, I guess the best things come in fours! :D I met Kaitlyn and Sammy-Kate (Bottom left and Top right, respectively) a couple months ago, and both of them are fantastic! Kaitlyn is about one of the most joyful people I've ever met. She's constantly writing how much she loves the life she is blessed with, and I LOVE that attitude! You can check out both her personal blog and her personal advocacy blog there. Sammy-Kate has her own blog too! You can find it here.

While my next compatriot might not be a team, she is her own one-woman-advocating army. I had the pleasure of meeting my awesome friend Molly at the Reece's Rainbow get-together this July. That week, we all officially agreed she was the "Big Sister" of us all. We all loved her to bits. Me and Molly have totally different political views. We have absolutely different views on Religion. We acknowledge it. But in a way, Orphan Care and Special Needs is a funny type of glue. Despite those differences, we respect what we believe and put our heads together for some seriously huge plans for our future Orphan and Special Needs gigs. For all you want in passionate writing on orphan care, special needs, and LOTs of other things, check her out! She's a blast.

Another friend within the RR Teen Girl community who deserves a TON of credit for her endless efforts is Sarah B. I had the pleasure of meeting her mom, "aunt," and precious little brother Elijah when I went to Ukraine in December. Sarah blogs, knits, and fundraises more than anyone I know. And for somebody who's only 13, she's got the maturity and strength of character waaaaaaaay beyond her years. Through the blog I linked in her name, you'll find your way to her other blogs and ways you can contribute to her work!

Finally, it wouldn't be a "Girls who love to advocate and blog" post without mentioning two insanely talented girls I have the honor to know. My sister Elizabeth is really getting into orphan care and the community therein! She was really interested before, and after the RR reunion, she was officially hooked! And you might like to get a taste of her writing since I hope she'll be posting here in the near future! Finally, but certainly not least, my awesome friend, fellow advocator, and fellow team-mate here on S4TS, Tori. As of right now, Tori is on a mission in Peru, lovin' it up with all the kids at her beloved Segrada Familia, I'm sure. All of her posts are just so on-the-nose, honest, and passionate. Don't pass up the chance to read about all of the awesome things she does/discovers!

Wow, 4....8....9,10......11,12 girls blogging for Orphans! Wow, that really is a TON, of orphan blogging girls......


  1. Thanks for mentioning "4Girls4Christ" on here Caleb! Sammi was really excited to tell me! Btw I am Alyssa One of the 4 girls :) (Top left corner) Thank you sooo much! And I totally agree that we need more "Big Brothers" You nailed it!


  2. Ok, just getting caught up on my reading now that Fair is over! :)

    Thanks so much for mentioning me here! I'm so blessed to be part of a such a great community of teens who are on fire for God, and are making a difference in the world by getting the word out a to people bout ALL God's children!