Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Sonya...

When the world first met you...

 ...You were a sad little girl looking for hope. It's a hard thing to do where you are now, but you were fighting for it, and thats already a testimony to just how strong you are.

Then me and my compadres Josh and Autumn got over there, and, well, we had the privelege of showing the world what a ray of sunshine you really are.


And after that came a lull, where people came together and prayed over you and the pictures that were a portal into your happy little self. And then God opened a door through tragedy, and as Steven Curtis Chapman once wrote, "Out of these ashes, Beauty Will Rise." And boy did it RISE!!! Because now you've got an amazing Mommy and Daddy and Brother and sister coming for you and your roomate Dusty!! But while they bide their time and wait for the SDA to kindly "invite" them to see you, they have some awesome friends who have the honor of showing you a little glimpse into your new life...

                                                 ...And I'd reckon you quite enjoyed it!!

          You are still the same happy little tyke I met 3 months ago on Christmas Day, 2010, and your happy little face just lit up my day :)

                                 (and to be quite honest, I think you probably made Mrs. Schwenzer's as well :) )

And the next time I'll be posting about you, sweetheart, you're gonna be in the arms of your brand new Mommy and Daddy ,who are just the best people ever, I assure you :)


  1. Oh Caleb - you make me cry every time! - In a good way! Thank you kindly for your sweet post! Love the Steven Curtis Chapman quote, "Out of these ashes, Beauty Will Rise." Thanks again - Friend!

  2. Thank you yeat again, Caleb, for such a great Sonya post. I have been stalking Amy's blog too, and the photo of Sonya with her hands on the album of her new mama and papa brings tears to my eyes. This little girl has an incredible lot in store for her, things she never knew existed! I thank God... and the good hearts of so many people.

    And I can't believe I am not a follower of this blog. How can that be?! I'll make it right straight away :)

  3. Sonya will now have a beautiful life! I love to read your posts and I can't believe that you all are teenagers and already so compassionate and wise. I pray you will be posting that Lindsay and Shawna have families very soon!