Sunday, March 6, 2011

The One

Christian Music is my domain as far as it goes with musical interest. Both stylistically and Lyrically, only a few secular artists are up to the bar talent-wise for me.  Recently one of the latest and greatest in the business, Brandon Heath, released a new album entitled Leaving Eden. The album's message was a simple one: as the world walks away from the perfection God intended in the Garden of Eden, we should walk towards the light of God in Heaven. While all of the tracks are pretty great, there is a track I especially like called "The One," talking about how much difference one person can make.

My mind is still reeling from the thought that Sonya has a family only a couple months away from getting her. How I long to see pictures of her with her Mommy and Daddy. I really can't wait to see her and her new little brother (and orphanage comrade) Dusty coming down the terminal of an airport with their new parents to their excited family. And what I REALLY can't wait for is getting to meet them someday! Mrs. Hinz (who was kind enough to post on most of my recent posts) has said she would love to get together since we'll have three kids (their two and my little sis Julia) who were in the same room in the orphanage for 4 years! Boy would that be a dream!

Sonya's homecoming was not just one person's effort. A network of people across the world had been praying and writing for/about her for a long time, and if it weren't for Helle in Noggieland, Josh and Autumn winkles, my fellow adopting-from-Ukraine buddies who also got to see her, and countless other people woh posted Sonya's picture and prayed for her, all factored into this amazing event.

But I hardly thought that I would ever make a difference. that me, with my tiny little pro-beginner camera, could take part in that through one little picture. It took exactly 1/8th (one eighth) of a second to take, and I really thought it would be my personal memoir of a sweet little girl from Ukraine. But it helped make that difference.

If you are one person trying to make a difference and you think you can't, I don't blame you, you've possibly got a mountain the size of Everest in front of you that may seem hard at times. But you can make a difference. GOD can help you make that difference.

Below is a little open letter type thing I wrote to the Hinz family and their two soon-to-additions, Sonya and Dusty. Sonya was my inspiration for this blog, for orphan ministry in general. I wanted to salute her and the heroes, who, through the loss of one of their soon-to-be adopted sons, kept the strength they needed to still adopt a second child.

"Dear Heinz Family and your precious Sonya and Dusty

                               I want to step out and say your courage, strength, and perseverance through this process is truly inspiring and you amaze me so much. You will never realize how truly you have been the answer to everyone's prayers, stepping out in faith after losing precious Nikita Frederick to bring Home Sonya. I should particularly mention our buddy Helle on the other side of the globe, and Josh and Autumn Winkles.  As you know, I met Sonya only a few short months ago in a small little room on the second floor of an orphanage very close to both our hearts. Sonya reached out to me, grabbing my attention with her cute, infectious little smile and her sweet laugh.  10 minutes may not be much on a grand scale, but if ten minutes can move a heart, it moved mine. Your new daughter is the thing that inspired me to get off my seat and stand up for those who have no voice, and for that I will always be grateful. I look forward to seeing you someday soon with Sonya and her new little brother Dusty. All the best wishes to you, your family, and your two new additions who I hope will be home soon.

                             Yours in Christ,

                                             Caleb Lococo"

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  1. There is a photo I really want you to take... one with Julia, Dusty and Sonya- together- with their families- in the US! Now, that would make a dream come true! :)

    Wonderful letter to the Hintz family, and wonderful post. It is so easy to think that "my effort is too small to make a difference", but you just never know... like with your photo of Sonya. I am convinced it made a huge difference for her. Also, many small efforts combine and make up a pretty big total.

    Keep up the good work, and give Julia a hug from me!

    PS. I'll definitely check out Brandon Heath on YouTube!