Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Heart Full of Praise

Every now and then, a family steps out  in faith to adopt and I admire them for their courage and their love for orphans. But Never before have I thanked one of these families.

But today, I have a heart full of praise for my God and a HUGE love for a very special family.


There were truly no words to describe my excitement. Because this little face has a much happier thing to count down to then her transfer.

And God has shown himself more clearly than daylight itself.


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  1. Caleb,
    We appreciate your sweet comment left on our post! You are not only a FANTASTIC photographer but you are also a WONDERFUL writer! It is easy to see that God has also blessed you with BIG heart!
    I have been following your family's blog since you were in Ukraine with the Winkles! I loved seeing the updated picture of Sonya I was so glad she was doing so well.
    Now I am glad to read your blog - awesome posts, sir! I am a follower now! Hope to meet you, your family and your sister Julia some day!!!!