Saturday, March 26, 2011

Look at this little face!

Hey! Josh again. The other day I was disappointed to see that this little girl lost another family.

She is so adorable!!!!!!!!!! When I saw her little face I had to read her bio. Then I saw under her name: CHARITY LOST HER FAMILY! Then I kid you not, I cried. I went to mom and I said, "Have you seen this little girl Charity?" Then my mom told me, "Actually shes lost two families." This is what you'll see on Reece's Rainbow if you look her up:
 What a munchkin!  Big brown eyes :)    More photos available.  Charity is a beautiful girl with Down syndrome.  She was born with a heart condition, but has had corrective surgery and is healthy and doing well now.  She is still crawling, and will greatly benefit from a loving family to encourage her development!!

This little girl has kept a big space in my heart ever since I first saw her. As said in her bio if she gets the benefit of a loving family she will blossom developmentally. Please keep this little girl in her prayers.


  1. Will be praying for her, she is a darling.Thank you for sharing.

  2. It is so,so sad when children lose their families. I will be praying for little Charity. And I actually feel quite confident that she will get a new family- as you say, she is adorable!!