Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is the Stuff (8 Days of Hope)

No, I'm not going to do what  I would normally do when I use a music track as a title (which you'd know if you follow my other blog), but it's an appropriate title nonetheless. And IF you're after some upbeat Christian Pop, definitely check out Francesca Battistelli's new album, Hundred More Years. More awesome stuff from the NYC singer we've all come to know and love :)

So as the title may indicate, there are LOTS of things to chat about today!

1.- Happy Belated World Down Syndrome Day! I was going to/should have posted about it here, but I was giving my family's blog and my other blog some attention for a little change of scenery :) Anyway, WDSD is probably the MOST undercelebrated holiday on the planet! An entire day devoted to the blessing of a 21st chromosome should be a national holiday if I do say so myself ;)

2.- keep Tori in your prayers- by now she is probably IN PERU! here's a little picture of her (bottom row, second from the left) and her group at Franklin Airport pre-departure!

Looks like one happy group o' missionaries! You can follow their adventures @ 

3.- While I haven't gotten to officially post them yet, the Schwenzer Family is over at my (Caleb's) sister Julia's Orphanage adopting two little kids, and oh my goodness, they are PRECIOUS!! You can follow their awesome journey here. We also have the Hinz Family waiting for a travel date, but I am still PUMPED for their first meeting with our precious little lovies, Dusty and Sonya! I am BEYOND eagerly anticipating that!!

4th, and finally, SPRING has finally began to come! It feels SO refreshing to have finally evaded endless barrages of snow that are commonplace up here in NY. So in honor of the fact that  I can finally see the sun and walk on grass again, here's a little Slideshow!! It's also meant to serenade anyone who has gone through tough times of any sort this winter.

"Spring Is Coming" Slideshow from Caleb Lococo on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed! Also, we continue to keep the Hook Family in our prayers, as they approach the Court Date to hopefully complete the adoption they have been working on for almost 2 years! Join me in the 8 days for Hope, as we pray the Team that Tori is with down in Peru through their week-long mission trip, and pray her parents through their court date!

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