Monday, March 28, 2011


Josh here! I'm a prayer warrior now and look at who I got!

His name is Ethan and he's in EE. He's receiving fine motor skills therapy. He can stand on his own for a little bit and can walk with assistance. There's so much he can do that I'm just gonna copy his bio so you can see all he can do:

DOB: February 2009
Ethan has Down syndrome and strabismus. He is physically healthy at this time.
Testing done when he was 22 months old placed him at the developmental level of a 13.5 month old. At that time, he was standing for periods of time without support and walking with support. He's receiving therapy for motor skills.  He can hold a spoon and feed himself with assistance.  He's learning to eat "hard to chew" foods at this time. He is able to place objects into a box after mimicing the activity and can stack 2 blocks on top of each other once the task was introduced to him (after he was shown how to do it, he could do it).  He will hold a pencil and leave random marks on a piece of paper.  He is already pronouncing several words. He reacts positively to adults and enjoys being hugged. He plays with other children and is described as "smiling and communicative".

AMAZING ISN'T IT! For a two year old boy living in a orphanage he can do all that. He is a special little boy who really needs a family!

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